Indonesia Sustainability Education Network (ISEN)

“Sustainability for Everyone and from Everywhere” (SEE)

Managed by the Center for Environmental, Social, and Governance Studies, Universitas Airlangga (CESGS), Sustainability for Everyone and From Everywhere (SEE) is a series of public learning through online platforms, such as Youtube, Tiktok, Instagram, and Spotify. All materials that raise certain sustainability topics are presented by academics in light and easy-to-understand terminologies, accompanied by examples that are relevant for the general public.

SEE Goals:

  • Increasing the reach of sustainability education to all parts of Indonesia and to all communities that can be accessed from anywhere and by anyone.
  • Provide opportunities for academics to showcase their skills and educate the wider public outside of their campuses.
  • Preparing learning materials that are open to be adopted or adapted by anyone at a time when sustainability education is still not mandatory in Indonesian education.

This program is supported by:

Learning Materials

Elisa Churota’ayun
Universitas Widya Kartika

Reiki Nauli Harahap
Universitas Tanjungpura

Maureen Nuradhi
Universitas Ciputra

Yulius Hari
Universitas Widya Kartika

Universitas Hassanudin

Melvie Paramitha
Universitas Widya Kartika

Juniati Gunawan
Universitas Trisakti

Interested in becoming an SEE Contributor?

SEE Contributor is open to academics who wish to contribute to this platform with the following conditions:

  1. Is a lecturer or researcher at a university in Indonesia
  2. Have skills to record on Youtube platform or other platforms to make videos.
  3. Submit a short proposal on a material idea that includes::
    1. Title
    2. Points to be raised (in pointers)
    3. Relevance to current state (in pointers)
    4. Material/presentation structure (in pointers)
    5. Biodata (including domicile area)

Proposals must not exceed 750 words, and selected contributors will be contacted by the committee for the recording process.
Proposals are sent to the committee via email with the email subject: “SEE Contributor- Name”

Technical instructions in the form of a pdf document can be downloaded via the link below:

About Indonesia Sustainability Education Network (ISEN)

The Indonesia Sustainability Education Network (ISEN) was established in June 2021 by 9 (nine) universities, consisting of Airlangga University, Binus Business School, Parahyangan University, Trisakti University, Esa Unggul University, Widya Kartika University, Ciputra University, Atmajaya University Jakarta, and Prasetia Mulya University. ISEN has a mission to encourage sustainability education for academics and also the general public. In June – August 2021, all of the founding universities held a series of webinars that successfully attracted academic attention and were attended by more than 300 participants for each webinar, followed by 143 joining the ISEN telegram. This success shows the readiness of the academic world to respond to sustainability issues that have become the concern of the business world and global government.

Notes: All material on this platform does not reflect the views of the organizations involved.