A Product Life-Cycle Oriented Approach for Knowledge-Based Product Configuration System

Abstract: Faced with increasing complexity in the global economy, a timely and accurate operation of the market demands an accelerated harmonization of customer and manufacturer perspective in the quotation phase through product configuration systems. An approach for knowledge-based product configuration through the integration of experience and knowledge from the product use phase is presented below. The goal of this approach is to enable a faster and software-controlled harmonization of the different customer’s and the manufacturer’s points of view during the pre-contract phase. Therefore a case-based reasoning method was developed to be integrated in a rule-based product configuration system. It allows a faster ascertainment of customer needs and thereby provides an accurate and complete configuration of the provided products.

Authors: V. Schubert, H. Wicaksono, and S. Rogalski

Published on: 2011

Keywords: Product life cycle, Product configuration, Requirements engineering, Case-based reasoning

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