An Analysis of Individual and Performance Factor Relation on Public Hospital Employee


Hospital is an organization that works on society service. One of the efforts to supply optimal service is giving authority or autonomy to the hospital. Giving autonomy on hospital conducting to change the status of the hospital into BLUD (Badan Layanan Umum Daerah) or Regional Public Service Agency (RSPA). RPSA is a work unit of region equipment that created with a purpose to give society service by supply things or service which is sold without looking for-profit and the activity is based on efficiency principal and productivity. Then this research is to find out on several individual factors, there are a social, emotional and physical employee is affecting their performance individually or in groups and also the relationships between all these factors respectively. This research is used a cross-sectional design. The sample of this research is the 32 employees of the hospital that has RSPA label, which is located on Sampang Regional Public Hospital (RSUD). The variable measured based on EWPS (Endicott Work Productivity Scale) individual factor, that is social factor, emotional and physic. The result of this statistical test is used Spearman test which is work for knowing the relation between individual factor and individual performance. Statistic analysis shows that social factor (rsp = 0.649), emotional factor (rsp = 0.785), physic factor (rsp = 0.962) is related with individual performance.

Authors: Ni Njoman J, Moh. Nasih, Seger H, Widodo J P.

Published on: 2019

KeywordsDisclosure of Greenshouse Gas Emissions, Environmental Performance, Indonesia Shariah Share Index

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