Knowledge-based Intelligent Energy Management Using Building Automation System


Abstract: The rise of energy needs and energy prices due to a shortage of energy resources forces companies and households to consume energy more efficiently. In recent years building automation systems are commonly used to allow better comfort for the occupants, and also to improve security in the building. This paper describes an approach for improving energy efficiency in private and business buildings by utilizing building automation systems. The goal of the approach is to provide an intelligent system that can help the occupants to monitor and control their energy consumption and also to notice their energy-saving potentials. This paper also introduces a method of knowledge-driven energy analysis that offers a more intelligent mechanism as an improvement of classical data-driven analysis, which is commonly used by existing energy analysis solutions.

Authors:Hendro Wicaksono, Sven Rogalski, Enrico Kusnady

Published on: 2010

KeywordsEnergy management, building automation system, data mining, ontologies, knowledge based system

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